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This party center proposes daily fun activities for babies kids  6 months, through toddler age up to the age of 7 year old- always with their caregivers (even Mom and/or Dad).

Itís a great place for Birthday parties!

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  • Birthday Party For toddlers

    Birthday party boys

    Just tell us the theme we’ll get everything ready: Exploring the jungle, being brave Pirates… what about Knights friendly Dragons?

  • Birthday Party For toddlers

    Birthday party for girls

    Tea Party just for girls, dancing party - maybe Princess & knights, exploring the life in the sea, being mermaids, fairy… Just share with us what your daughter loves the most, we’ll take care of the rest!

  • Birthday Party For toddlers

    Birthday party for toddlers

    Celebrating your child first Birthday is a great date! Our 90 minute party is perfect for your little one to celebrate with family friends. 

  • Birthday Party For toddlers


    Our activities indicate the suggested minimal age of the child. Difficulty of the tasks is adapted per session. The idea is to have fun… maybe discover something new.

my kinder club
My Kinder Club − A great place to party and play!
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